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There is also a need to collect enough to establish a reserve

The Rio Olympics was the moment. It was my motivation and my dream for over a decade. I sacrificed and trained so hard every day for years with the expectation that the payoff would be a gold medal in 2016. Washington Post Guild Washington Post Parnass Washington Post Cappucci weather dorian track florida update live dorian 2019 path 2019 dorian scotia carolina carolina horses will ride out the hurricane as they have for centuries, with ‘butts to the wind’ Dorian aid: How to donate to rescue, relief and recovery in the Bahamas Dorian is spinning up a slew of tornadoes. Here’s why. Washington Post DeMarco Dorianhoping for the best South Carolina residents battle through Hurricane Dorian hoping for the best South Carolina residents battle through Hurricane Dorian Dorian, now a Category 2 storm, bombarded South Carolina early September 5.

Oh. And let not forget. All amputees would miraculously grow their limbs back.. One could see as canada goose outlet paypal she ran toward the rain, that I was already inside of, that she was a high strung, over dressed canada goose leeds uk (ie., man shopping) lady. The doors of the train were going to close any second. The front wheels of the carriage hit the gap, about 1.5 inches or more, between the train and the platform.

No Jack. But, Barack Obama should instead choose not to run for a second term. He will be remembered most for healthcare, but one fact remains that is never talked about. I don think Washington really understands that manufacturing of assorted goods, is the backbone of our economy. Even if it canada goose outlet washington dc is cheaper to produce those goods off shore, to lose the jobs involved, is self sacrificial. It is better to have jobs, and pay more for the goods here, than in other countries..

Treating the raga in vocalised idiom, the gayaki ang, he played a bada khayal composition set to vilambit Ek tala in canada goose uk head office great detail. The drut composition was played in raga Desh in tantrakari ang, culminating into the fast speed jhala in Teentala. Sudeep concluded his recital with a popular dadra.

The other is the Contigo Extreme travel mug. This one can be found online and at B retailers. This mug also comes in significantly more colors. From wiki: On July 20, 1984, Fixx died at age 52 of canada goose uk black friday a fulminant heart attack, after his daily run on Vermont Route 15 in Hardwick. The autopsy revealed that atherosclerosis had blocked one coronary artery 95%, a canada goose outlet store second 85%, and a third 70%.[3] Still, medical opinion continued to uphold the link between exercise and longevity.[4] In 1986 exercise physiologist Kenneth Cooper published an inventory of the risk factors that might have contributed to Fixx death.[5] Granted access to canada goose outlet nyc his medical records and autopsy, and after interviewing his friends and family, Cooper concluded that Fixx was genetically predisposed (his father died of a heart attack at age 43 and Fixx himself had a congenitally enlarged heart), and had several lifestyle issues. Fixx was a heavy smoker prior to beginning running at age 36, he had a stressful occupation, he had undergone a second divorce, and his weight before he took up running had ballooned to 220 pounds (100 kg).[6].

We have given them 5 years to give up their nukes. Time and time again, they have refused to do so. The time for diplomacy is over. Zoe Kean: Cancer has been elusive to treat, which is why some scientists believe it’s time to rethink how we might approach researching it, by drawing on one of the most foundational ideas in biology for inspiration; evolution. By canada goose outlet eu trying to understand cancer’s evolutionary regions and how it adapts and evolves canada goose outlet cheap in a single body in real time, researchers are hopeful they will be able to develop new ways to treat it. But before we get to canada goose outlet netherlands that, we need to get back to basics.

Very Italian, nothing held back, turbocharged canada goose black friday uk ’til it blows out its ears, with 60 percent more canada goose outlet vip horsepower, or rather blows out its exhaust, a deep and unique tuned system that shouts with every blip of the throttle. While it sucks gas, getting just 27 miles per gallon Combined. But the Fiat 500 lineup isn’t done impressing.

A second order if business for a new board is to quickly establish realistic condo fees. Often the builder has unrealistically low fees just for routine utility and operating costs it is a sales incentive. There is also a need to collect enough to establish a reserve fund.

In a community garden beneath the flight path of jets roaring out of Reagan National, a song sparrow repeatedly shouts its claim to territory and enticement to mates. A nearby leaf blower joins the chorus. Song sparrow songs occupy a prominent spot in the city’s spring soundscape, adding bright icing cheap canada goose to a thick cake of background noise.

I have large amount of management experience and am studying

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He’s got pace, he’s annoying to face, and he does score the

Thousands of scientists back “young protesters” demanding climate change action. “We see it as our social, ethical, and scholarly responsibility to state in no uncertain terms: Only if humanity acts quickly and resolutely can we limit global warming”Tokyo became a megacity by reinventing itself: Tokyo is a stunning metropolis home to more than 37 million people, yet it remains one of the world’s wealthiest, safest, and most creative urban centersAndrew Yang unveils plans to campaign remotely using a 3D hologram. Yang “hopes to use the technology to drive home his message about the power of disruptive technologies and the need to change with them.”..

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When I reading a fic, I not canada goose uk shop looking for

How does a 13 year old make money fast?!?I am a thirteen year old girl who only has $5 dllaors and needs money quickly. School starts in 3 weeks and I wanted to buy some of my own school clothes since me and my mm sense of fasion are different. Any ways that I can make fast and quick money.

Other men in history have had a deep and hypnotic affect on women, enhanced by the use of drugs. Jim Morrison of The Doors comes to mind, with Canada Goose sale his sexy voice, beautiful poetry, and love of women. Sadly, the partying lifestyle cost him his life and he died at age uk canada goose outlet 27.

Lot canada goose coats on sale of it is written by teen girls locked in their rooms obsessing over whatever character they writing about, and these fics Canada Goose Jackets often tend to be an allegory for their emotional ups and downs. When I reading a fic, I not canada goose uk shop looking for classical literature. I looking for depression, hate, drugs, sex, abuse, love, death, injury.

Is not a peaceful world. Fortunately we were born in a peaceful and powerful country, it reads. The gist, repeated often in Chinese media, is that the United States is trying to maliciously stifle Huawei purely due to jealousy at China rapid economic success.

Old man [Ndoda] is finishing [killing] our children every year yet buy canada goose jacket there is nothing being done by the community or the government about that. We are asking for justice in Libode, especially in Zibungu and for Mtshayina to be arrested and our children rescued from him, said the concerned father, who cannot be named to protect his underage son. Include your name and province.

Milliken and David L. Papa, with high distinction, all of Stroudsburg; Glenn A. Davis, Karen A. STERN walked in to that interview with an agenda. His agenda was to disrespect Piers Morgan and he did just that. It ok to canada goose uk outlet have controversial guests on but Stern was a mistake.

Magryta suggests keeping portion sizes small. buy canada goose jacket cheap Cheeses are between 60 and 90 percent fat and have between 75 and 120 calories per ounce, she says. To keep canada goose clearance sale your serving size of cheese to 1.5 ounces or less of hard cheeses that about the size of four dice canada goose outlet or a third of a cup shredded or a half cup portion size of cheeses like ricotta or cottage cheese.

You have no idea who that person is or what his intent is. I think Zimmerman had a false sense of machismo for the simple fact that he was carrying a firearm and knew he would use it if there was a confrontation. Why else would someone go chasing after or even follow an unknown?.

The failure to serve the victim rests on the shoulders of a police chief who didnt have appropriate policy. In no way, shape, or form should a uniformed officer Canada Goose Parka be handling major crimes such as this one. The failure of the chief to have supervision and policy coverage is his own doing..

I remember when I was first having troubles and one of the women at work (when I still talked about any of this at work) said to me in my office that anyone can get pregnant with IVF which of course isn true. But that was her experience with the people she knew. The vast majority of people have zero clue on what its like..

Valentine Day, which is just around the corner, means big business for chocolate companies. Alone, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate candy are sold during Valentine’s week. That $345 million in sales in just one week and it makes up more than 5 percent of chocolate candy’s sales for the year, according to Nielsen research.

Luxurious. This item may not ship to Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands using a ground shipping method. Please select an air method when ordering this item for those locations. I go out to eat to fill my belly. A few readers were not happy with Chick fil A.Joe Brown: backward and ignorant. How sad.

While there’s a camera built into almost every cell phone available today, nothing beats a quality picture shot the old fashioned way with a cool, kid canadian goose jacket friendly camera. Looking through the lens of your child’s bird’s eye view of the world is canada goose store a wonderful way to capture this summer’s most memorable moments while strengthening your kid’s creativity. Mom and dad can savor all of those sentimental photographs thanks to this super selection of picture perfect cameras.

The KING should reside in Cleveland. I have no doubt in my mind LeBron will be in a Cavaliers uniform next year. The King is a very smart athlete and buisness man. With 195 countries to choose from there’s no shortage of choices. Only 30% of UK couples choose to honeymoon in Europe. The next most popular continent is Asia, with Thailand, Bali and the Maldives top of the list.

From Sisyphus, Autolycus would steal cattle, and as the son of

Then there’s the Book Book, arguing that one particular title remade the world, shaped the century, upended the cosmos. Think of Randall Fuller’s about the impact of Charles Darwin’s upon a nation verging on civil war. And there’s the Big Idea Book, painting a single, vital stroke across a vast canvas.

canada goose outlet canada By now it’s no secret: Democracy is under attack worldwide. A Who’s Who of selfish leaders, from ascendant populist demagogues to long reigning dictators, has turbocharged the assault on democratic institutions. Leaders on both the right and left of the political spectrum have elbowed their way into the fight, and the contagion has affected all regions of the world. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet parka Okay, so we can’t film their amazing migration from Russia, but once they’ve arrived at Slimbridge we have them! They spend most of their day in an area not much bigger than a football pitch. Our cameras will be there to follow their every move. And spectacle? Once we’re live, we’ll let you be the judge of that.. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet sale Sisyphus and AutolycusIn life, the most famous story of Sisyphus involves a dispute with his neighbour, Autolycus. Autolycus was a son of the Greek god Hermes, and from his father, Autolycus had a gift for stealing things. From Sisyphus, Autolycus would steal cattle, and as the son of Hermes had the ability to change the appearance of the stolen cattle, Sisyphus could not prove who was taking his cattle.. canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet online [What the Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandering means for Maryland]In his opinion, Roberts did not defend the practice, or say it was constitutional. “Excessive partisanship in districting leads to results that reasonably seem unjust,” he wrote. “But the fact that such gerrymandering is incompatible with democratic principles does not mean that the solution lies with the federal judiciary.”. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet store Then, you and your husband decide to take an 8 9 hour flight back to Alaska perhaps endangering the baby’s birth. The cost totalled over $16,000. Can you justify this?. Nice thing about homes is that, unlike cars or cellphones, they go (ideally) 0 km/hr. So size and weight of the battery don really matter that much. What we care about is how many cycles it can go through, cost, safety, environment and maintenance. canada goose outlet store

canada goose outlet jackets Yes Gygax was at the first Gencon, but he and his company didn take over running it till the 80ds. I can remember my first Gencon when everyone was bemoaning TSR complete takeover of the convention and how much better it was before they took over. The same thing I hard every time someone new takes over running a con. canada goose outlet jackets

canada goose jacket outlet People have lived in the Americas for a long time, perhaps 13 to 15 thousand years, as current scientific research and discovery seems to indicate. Where these ancient Americans came from is also a subject of investigation. The most likely location is Siberia, according to what many scientists think. canada goose jacket outlet

Don telephone your ideas and don use the computer, unless you want them stolen. In regards to Petraeus, I suffer from the same weakness. Love me some beautiful young womens, I just can resist!. OBAMA: ISRAELI SOLDIER MUST BE RELEASED President Barack Obama said an Israeli soldier captured in the Gaza conflict must be released unconditionally. Hamas has denied abducting the soldier. He also said reviving the collapsed cease fire is “going to be challenging” without confidence Hamas will comply.

canada canada goose outlet goose outlet store uk Hey William Shields, read the article. No one claimed that they were trying to look like the people that they historically portray. Their goal is to impart historic information about the life and times in which their characters lived, as well as the significant roles they played in shaping American (your) history. canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose outlet reviews Feels kinda like Chris let the whole Jesus meme go to his head and tried to imitate the Bible in saying “you can freely choose between the light and the dark, it entirely up to you but if you actually choose the dark, you will obviously be punished”.Don get me wrong: I love that they finally take a stance against scammers but if you change the rules, you should really announce the change BEFORE you start enforcing it!Except in Eve scammers can be avoided really easily. Don want to get scammed? Use the in game market, it even prompts you if something price is way out of whack. Scams mostly happen in contracts and the occasional Corp infiltration which the ladder there are tons of tools to limit that both in risk of occurrence and impact. canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose outlet Years, the debt was almost doubled. Our military response to 9/11 was completely inappropriate, and played right into the hands of those who perpetrated the attack. Also, you may bag on Clinton for letting his chance at OBL slip away, but Bush did the very same thing when presented with intelligence that suggested an attack on US soil, using commercial airliners was imminent canada goose outlet.

While I have eaten loads of salads

However, CNN was a great opportunity to create a valid argument to the wihkd be gun gasbbers that watch main stream news, but Alex took the bait and ranted like a maniac. Its one thing to carry on to your regular listeners but to get the message out to the rest of America would have taken more restraint and tact. Alex looked insane and Piers played along.

canada goose store It introduced measures to boost incomes for seniors, expand drug coverage, help first time homebuyers, and offer more money for affordable housing, municipal infrastructure, skills training and improved living conditions for Indigenous people. In choosing to spend more and defer deficit reduction, the Liberals delivered a budget that touches on a wide array of issues that Canadians care deeply about. It also establishes a profound contrast with the federal Conservative party, mere months before an election campaign is expected to begin.. canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose With all its faults, I still associate the church with the pursuit of truth and justice, with community and shared humanity. It’s a place to ask the unanswerable questions and a place to be on sojourn. No other institution has given me what the church has: a space to search for God.. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet I don think there is canada goose any decline in morality these days. Consider that 150 years ago we kept human beings as slaves, 100 years ago American workers worked in terrible conditions for low wages with no safety net, and 50 years ago African Americans were still being lynched. I think we come a long way and I much rather live into today society than the world of the past.. Canada Goose Outlet

uk canada goose outlet If you’re looking for a way to save on the cost of your next holiday, The Telegraph publish a selection of Club Med discount codes for you to take advantage of. A Club Med promo code could be just what you need for a budget friendly holiday with a variety of global destinations to choose from. Offering up a selection of holiday types, from winter trips skiing in the Alps to sunny holidays on beaches around the world, there’s bound to be something that will catch your eye when you’re browsing. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose coats on sale Comment number 1. At 17:33 17th Jun 2010, EnglishFolkfan wrote: Top work Lindsay, I’d add a good percentage of talent plus the physical fitness to contend with the manual side of being a great cameraman are also your plus points, not to forget the GSOH. Best wishes on the continuing career doing what you love with a great team of people.. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk shop BREAKING WALSH DROPS OUT OF MONTANA SENATE RACE: Sen. John Walsh dropped out of the Senate race in Montana on Thursday amid allegations of plagiarism, a senior Democratic source familiar with the senator’s thinking confirmed to CNN. The move further hurts Democratic chances of maintaining control of the Senate. canada goose uk shop

canada goose uk black friday Here’s the sum up though: Oprah is wealthy (she blew past rich $2 billion ago) and likes to shop. She really likes to shop. She’s usually well dressed and she even notes that she had on her “little Donna Karan skirt and sandals.” I guess when she takes off her fake lashes it’s like when Superman puts on glasses: She becomes unrecognizable. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose sale The Order: “It can be a challenge to find items that fit my Keto diet. While I have eaten loads of salads, I find a meal that consistently bursts with flavor and contains good fat and limited carbs are taquitos. A flour tortilla taco has about 15 to 19 grams of carbs because of the tortilla, but the rest is protein and fat. Canada Goose sale

If the horse is not adequately prepared, the highest levels cannot be attained. That is why training and classical dressage is about time, not about shortcuts and training gadgets and gizmos. No training device or shortcut will ever surpass good foundation work..

The black hole at the center of our galaxy just lit up twice as bright as ever. Who knows whyAlthough no visible light can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, astronomers are able to observe the hot gas that about to fall into it in near infrared, the portion of the infrared spectrum closest to light detectable by the human eye. “So we observed basically four nights of observation this year.

canada goose uk outlet I think there’s a shift toward less involvement and engagement in the world. Some of this is unfortunate. It shows up, for example, in the suspicion towards trade, towards immigrants. Thadea said policies, not his moment, should have been his ruination. Barbie1311 said, totally agree. I would never judge him based on that alone. canada goose uk outlet

buy canada goose jacket 2, 1986.and Roy Cohn it like being told Satan a fag, says Buddy. That why God is such a homophobe and Satan so sexy. The end of the 5 min piece, Cole has taken on gay bashing comics like Andrew Dice Clay, declared himself the new Lenny Bruce, and announced that Buddy will have no standup comedy: family entertainment for the Queer Nation buy canada goose jacket.

There were 5000 comments, and every single one I read was

Herms Jour d’Herms Absolu Eau de Parfum Refillable Spray, 85 mL/ 2.9 oz. A profusion of bouquets. From dawn to dusk, here is a floral that flowers, a blossom that blooms. A Trans woman posted pictures of herself as male, and her successful transition to female. There were 5000 comments, and every single one I read was positive. There were people who didn understand, but they asked for explanations and were kind and open minded.

WHY SHOULD THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY WORRY ABOUT THEIR PETTY FEARS? WE KNOW WHERE THIS NEEDS TO GO AND THEY DONT. SO, UPWARD AND ONWARD. JMS. Just how much do you think it costs us to do all this? Since you are a self proclaimed deficit hawk, do you think policy is tenable? No, it needs to be smarter and it needs to be comprehensive. We are not only having problems with immigrants we don want, we are also having problems acquiring those we want to have. This needs to be fixed and if the President has to stump on every state to do it, so be it..

The two sides of Palin’s candidacy were on display this morning at a St. Louis focus group conducted by Democratic pollster Peter Hart for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Some were attracted by what they saw as a person who is strong, real and down to earth.

But neither are they or Obama oblivious to what is happening. If they underestimated McCain, if they let down their guard after the long battle with Clinton, if they became complacent or distracted over the summer, canada goose coats particularly after the overseas trip, then the combination of Palinmania and the calendar now have refocused their attention. There is not that much time left to get the focus where they want it..

Ross, a North Dakota native, was the third of four brothers who fought in WWII. Assigned to the Army’s 25th Infantry Division, he was listed as MIA on January 14, 1943, during the final weeks of the Guadalcanal campaign. He was last seen in an area that saw heavy fighting around a Japanese held hilltop..

Heller, his coach, is an industry legend. He’s narrated more canadian goose jacket than 800 books. He’s distinguished as one of AudioFile Magazine’s Golden Voices. Canada Goose sale It’s canada goose clearance sale fair to say they never anticipated that McCain would roll the dice in the way he did when selecting a vice cheap canada goose presidential running mate. Canada Goose Jackets Who did? The Obama team’s first reaction was curt and indifferent, an apparent sign of over confidence inside the operation that was quickly submerged by the more modulated reactions from the candidate himself. But in its dismissive initial response, the Obama campaign was signaling its belief that McCain had taken a foolish risk..

When you see the word “toaster,” you have no idea what it refers to or how it should Canada Goose online be pronounced. Now Canada Goose Coats On Sale repeat this process Canada Goose Outlet with other objects birds, calendars, flowers, photographs. Poof! All gone. Thorson beat the blitz by lofting a deep ball toward the left sideline. Reavis, made an acrobatic catch and then outran two defenders to the end zone. It was another big play in the past three weeks for the 5 foot 11 wideout who threw for 8,704 yards and accounted for 91 touchdowns in four years at Houston..

It was as if my cells were screaming out in pain. It crept into my spine and spread around my entire body. I was suddenly sensitive to light and sound. Use technologies that are built by men. Half of the apps we use are built by men. Where are the apps that women are building, where women are actively thinking about the way women use technology that is affecting the way people behave? is a need to create more inclusion in the way that we build the technologies that canada goose black friday sale are being used by more than half the population buy canada goose jacket of the world.

But my favorite of Miller’s small recalibrations is less lofty: It has to do canada goose factory sale with Circe’s hairdo. In Homer, Circe is identified with her “lovely braids.” The usual scholarly gloss on this is that the braids signal not only beauty, but also exoticism, because Eastern goddesses wore their hair in braids. But in Circe, the braids come about in the first moments of the goddess’s magical awakening, when she begins roaming the island to find ingredients for her spells: “I learned to braid my hair back, so it would not catch on every twig, and how to tie my skirts at the knee to keep the burrs Canada Goose Parka off.” It’s a small detail, but it’s the difference between a person of independence and skill, and some male dream of danger, foreignness, and sex, lounging with parted lips while she watches the horizon for ships.

While the sixth generation’s cockpit excels in functionality

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And it is here that we should look to an event that is far

Washington Post Leaming Washington Post Hashemi Washington Post kelly burke r kelly van allen R. Kelly accused by woman in Texas of giving her sexually transmitted disease Up takes aim at R. Kelly over sex misconduct claims Washington Post DeMarco misconduct allegationsis back and she not sorry is back and she not sorry a year after asking fans to boycott Netflix over allegations of racial and gender bias, Mo’nique is re emerging as the first black female comedian to have a Las Vegas residency.

Additional Policies and Information Terms of Service, RSS Terms of Service, Privacy, and Submissions and Discussion The mission of The Washington Post is defined in a set of principles written by Eugene Meyer, who bought the newspaper in 1933. Today they are displayed in brass linotype letters in an entrance to the newsroom. (His gender references have been supplanted by our policy of inclusion, but the values remain)..

canada goose coats She probably is a nice enough person, but I want a person who can process a variet of concepts and information to develop intelligent and informed decisions. I just don’t see her having this capability. Palin joined the McCain campaign to make a difference for America the America where people are losing there homes, the America where the elderly have to chose between buying medicine or food,the America that brave men and women are risking their lives to defend.. canada goose coats

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canada goose coats on sale But while herding cats may sound challenging, it is easier than trying to overcome the brute reality of straight out political hostility, which is of course what the last Labor government faced for that period where they faced a Senate controlled by the Coalition either in their own right or with the conservative Family First senator.And of course, none of the above situations compares to what the Whitlam government faced for its entire existence.Understandably, the thing people tend to remember when it comes to Whitlam and the Senate is the blocking of supply and the subsequent Dismissal. But that was just the tail end of three years of a Senate blocking many bills in both the first and second Whitlam governments. And it is here that we should look to an event that is far more relevant to the current political situation.People can argue back and forth about which Senate combination was the most difficult for which government on what issues, but the simple fact is that our political system has a mechanism specifically designed for when governments can’t get important laws passed and that is the double dissolution election.There is a tendency in current times to scoff at the idea of a double dissolution election, suggesting it would be foolhardy for a government to risk losing seats or even government just to get some legislation passed canada goose coats on sale.

Poor spears get shafted in SC despite being the most popular

I have to take a moment to publicly say THANK YOU for the absolutely ridiculous amount of support so many of you have given me and my family these past couple of days: the texts, the gifts, the online support, the love! I really need to respond to all of you individually, but the whirlwind of this media attention as well as the whirlwind of being a brand new parent best hermes replica handbags has been an intense and all consuming undertaking. Please know that I’m endlessly grateful. This is bliss.

Replica Hermes uk This would typically affect invertebrates, small insects and larvae first, he said. Associate Professor Silvester said rivers normally recovered from such releases, and it would only affect wildlife or fish in extreme cases. Coliban Water said it had initiated extra water quality monitoring of the discharge and the Campaspe River. Replica Hermes uk

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Replica Hermes Bags You absolutely wrong. People are just little bitches. I don expect people to give a shit. McDermott insisted the two debates about anti Semitism and Islamophobia are not analogous, as the controversy over the IHRA definition centres around criticism of a foreign nation. The debate over M 103, she said, wasn in reality. Seemed to me that it was people who were Islamophobic who were making those arguments, she said.. Replica Hermes Bags

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Hermes Kelly Replica Also a right and proper spear wielder. Poor spears get shafted in SC despite being the most popular weapon in the world. A mace user could be cool, using the momentum to move into the next attack, or maybe someone with a properly proportioned warhammer. Hermes Kelly Replica

perfect hermes replica If that first half wasn a significant negative modifier, and just helped Trump, then he would have kept it in. This is a common lawyer practice. Because the snippet is technically true, it just lost all context.. In the end it really does not matter to much. It hard to think of sounds that are ONLY possible on FM synthesis or ONLY possible on a wavetable synth. Whatever works best for your workflow perfect hermes replica.

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