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Organize your network resources into flexible, multi-tenant cabling, switching, and routing with Tatva Network Services. Using a dedicated Network Services Manager, on-site.

Wireless & Mobility

Wireless & Mobility

Tatva has been in the short-range wireless space for over a decade and has supported clients across various geographies and product segments.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Defining clear and consistent processes to ensure high cloud performance and availability. Comprehensive cloud management to protect cloud assets against vulnerabilities and data loss.

IT Hardwares

IT Hardwares

Tatva experts collaborate with leading hardware IT enterprises and bring you the most affordable deals on laptops, servers, workstations, etc!


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Mordant Cybersecurity Services

Protect IT assets with optimized and predictable IT Security | Tatva’s End-to-end IT Security Services

Cyber Defense

  • Prepare your business against the most advanced cyber adversaries and reduce your exposure to threats targeting applications, hardware (OT/IoT), and enterprise assets.
  • Integrate emerging technologies and define the right cyber threat operations center model to grow with confidence.
  • Protect and monitor applications through data security and privacy, API security, enterprise application security, and secure application development.
  • Detect, respond, and recover from threats and breaches that could impact business operations.
  • Support decisions with actionable and relevant threat intelligence to improve security maturity for the long-term, adopting threats as they evolve.

Managed Services

  • Achieve more-secure applications, compliant environments and safer systems development with industrialized and repeatable processes.
  • Understand threats, accelerate responses and see across your cloud environment, while enabling your teams to focus on higher-priority issues.
  • Implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline access to cloud and enterprise services and applications.
  • Reduce uncertainty to enable better decisions, mitigate risks and maximize profits in the journey toward achieving high performance.
  • Defend against the most advanced cyber adversaries and reduce your exposure to threats targeting applications, hardware (OT/IOT) and enterprise assets.

Applied Cybersecurity

  • Our end-to-end approach to cloud and infrastructure security protects from the inside out, unlocks value and maximizes your return.
  • Our data protection solutions provide balanced, protective measures required to enable growth while keeping within established risk tolerances.
  • We implement processes and tools that streamline access to cloud and enterprise services, making access easier and keeping others out.
  • We help consolidate risk management governance and tools, employ automation and use context-sensitive controls to ensure efficiency and accountability.
  • We design and deploy hardened environments, and support security testing and monitoring to improve the resiliency of core business services.

Trusted security partner.

With our client-centric attitude, our goal is to provide the best value, individual approach, and agility to each client.